You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.

Collaborating with others who are doing good is far more effective than giving into the Negative Nancy thought spiral about the state of our world. By putting our desire for change out in the world, we were able to find like-minded and like-hearted friends in the small business & event/wedding vendor space. Together, we knew we could do more. As we talked about our dreams and personal findings, we knew we could share what we’ve learned with our buds, thus The Good Green was born.

We envision a 5-part series of webinars of how others can make their businesses socially and environmentally impactful.
We will also be hosting an in-person retreat for more hands on green - stay tuned for more details!




Ellen’s vision for Greater Good Events was born out of the need and desire to create a space in the events world that thinks consciously about the planning, design and execution of events large and small, while also giving back. Stemming from her childhood exposure to her parents involvement in social, political and community events, instilling in her the importance of thinking consciously.

When Ellen’s not planning or attending events, you can find her out on a run, exploring her new(ish) home state of New Jersey or planning her next international adventure! (As you can see, she’s not great at sitting still).


NATASHA THOM | Clearwater Events

Events are Natasha’s JAM. She comes from a community fundraising background, working with grassroot organizations in healthcare, tech, education, and more. As she delved more into the events industry, she realized just how much waste was generated. On a mission to be a leader in the movement, she specializes in sustainable events and helps her clients inch closer towards a zero waste event. Natasha’s work earned her a 20 On The Rise award by the 60,000+ member Rising Tide Society.

On most days, you’ll find her with Mac in hand and a big cup of coffee. When she’s not in event mode though, catch her in the Vancouver trails or enjoying some local eats.


PRAISE SANTOS | Ethical Weddings

Praise has used her camera to tell stories of artisans in Kenya, an adoption from India, and a cacao farmer in Guatemala. She combined her social impact approach with her wedding photography to birth Ethical Weddings, a movement to popularize weddings that have a positive social and environmental impact. Her work with Ethical Weddings won a 20 On The Rise award by the 60,000+ member Rising Tide Society.

When she's not photographing or traveling, she nerds out over all things The Good Place and how not to spend too much money at Whole Foods and not succeeding.